Monday, November 4, 2013

a nice little catch up

i forgot to blog for 10 months and somehow avery got so old on me! i know i will look back on my current pictures and think that she was so small...but lately she has been seeming like such a big girl! when did she get so old? september?

here's a quick run down.




this little girl just turned 21 months old. she is so much fun (and so frustrating!) and busy and learning new things all the time.  here are a few of my favorite things she's doing right now:
-playing with her babies: feeding, rocking, diaper changing, swaddling, putting them down for naps, giving hugs + kisses
-building tall block towers.  if she can stop knocking them down for a few seconds, she is really good at building them.
-she loves the moon.  loves to look for it outside each night and to point it out in all her books.
-she has really grown lots of hair! no one ever mistakes her for a boy any more.
-we can only put her in zip jammies for night time AND nap time.  because if she ever poops in her crib she gets artsy on me....i won't go into details but let's just say i'm tired of scrubbing and disinfecting each individual slat on the crib.  zip jammies do the trick :) 
-once she got the general idea, she was sooo excited about our halloween costumes.  besides chuck e cheese, halloween was probably the happiest day of her life! 
-pushing the mini carts at kroger.  she is seriously impressive at the wheel! she doesn't crash into anything, can turn like a champ, and even does these tight 180 spins. she does put the most random things in the cart though.
-she is finally branching out in her vocabularly.  her staple words the last few months have been mommy, dada, mo-mo (elmo), wa-wa (water), mo (more), ball, etc.  just little words with not much interest in saying new things.  BUT the last couple weeks she has really been talking a lot more! my favorite words/phrases are...
  • "hereygoooo" (here you go) she says both when she's giving something to me and when she wants me to give something to her :) 
  • "YAY!" she says it in two syllables, and it is the cutest
  • "door door door" is her way of saying "knock knock knock" as she pounds
  • "mana" (nemo- from finding nemo) don't know where she got that one but it's cute and it has stuck.
  • "wabby" is abby cadabby from sesame street. i almost want to name baby #2 abby just to hear her call her wabby all the time.
  • "one, two...." that's as far as she gets, but she's really proud of it.
  • "meeeeennie" (means both mickey and minnie) and she loves her.  
  • "choo choo" the obvious, but she says it cute. and she waves at trains and says "byyye"
  • she calls the alphabet as a whole "B's".  any writing or letters she sees gets her excited and she yells "B's!!!" individually she will say A, B, O, T, Y, and randomly others but B is her old standby.
  • "dido" dinosaur
  • "bzzzz" (sounds very similar to "B's"!) is buzz lightyear. and I think Woody is Bzzz too.
  • "shoe on" another obvious one, but it is exciting to hear her put together 2 word phrases.
  • "mo peeeeeas" more please, she says while simultaneously doing the baby sign with it
  • "eyes" she tells me this while i'm doing my makeup and she wants to pretend to do hers too.
  • "teeeee" when she wants to brush her teeth. she is good at reminding us!
  • "wide" is the slide/park
  • "minnie, mommy, dada, mo-mo, nana, baby" she will sing little lists of all her favorite people.
  • she calls all of my close friends in texas "mommy!" and wants to hug and snuggle them more than she ever wants anything to do with me.  it is funny. 
it is so nice that she is starting to be more verbal. she has been having a tough time dealing with her emotions lately so i'm hoping being able to communicate more will help.  but i love toddler tantrums so no rush avie :) ha ha! 

and i guess i could also mention i'm on week 27/40 with this next baby girl! i think that puts me in official 3rd trimester territory.  everything has been healthy and good so far and i'm feeling lots of kicking all the time. we are excited to get a baby sister around these parts! 

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  1. Welcome back welcome back welcome back! You won't regret this :). Okay and the february and march pictures... who is that baby girl?? I don't even remember her looking like that. She is just so big now!