Wednesday, January 9, 2013


2012 brought childbirth classes, andrew's first busy season, a 3rd member of our family, an oklahoma camping trip, a few welcome visitors, a 22nd birthday, new friends, new callings, a few trips to utah (4! yikes) a 27th birthday, a trip to lake powell, a third anniversary, 2 trips to the ER, 14 trips to the dentist, a few miles run, 75+ baby items sewn, a baby bird + bird watchers at halloween, trips to california and houston for females only, 2 new pickup cousins, 12 golf games played, a pickup thanksgiving, a bonham christmas, and a 5th new year's celebrated together at a pizza place.  

it was a big growing year for us and also a blessed year where i felt so watched over and embraced by our heavenly father.  we had a few trials and lots of errors but wouldn't trade any of it.  

in 2013 my goals are mostly habits that i want to develop, which in my opinion are the hardest kind of goals. but i am excited for this year and what it will bring. and so happy i have my babbling bundle-of-personality sidekick to spend my days with. oh and her dad, too.

in pictures: 

 pregnant // birth // meeting our daughter
first few days // welcome to the world

larken visited
avery did a lot of sleeping..

avery's first ER trip // malinda visits
ave's baby blessing // cameron visits

avery's first easter egg hunt // first camping trip
trip to utah: nate's graduation // playing catan with goecks // family pics // meeting up with friends for dinner // meeting uncle "bone" // seeing the webers


enjoyed having andrew home after busy season ended


stayed a night in dallas 


4th of july breakfast // how many people can we pack into 800 sq ft??

fireworks with some little people

went to lake powell // playing with seable cousins at grandpa's pool

chaperoned avie's first date // got an iphone and took millions more pictures

had more playdates with her best friend
made lots of baby food 

took avery to a local carnival


playing at the new/rebuilt park in coppell
made avie pants in every color on the spectrum :)

brynne, avery and i visited larken in san luis obispo // we got in the ice cold ocean to swim and it was so much fun!
girls trip to houston // tortured avery/got her ears pierced // nothing milk can't fix!
avery exhibits more personality

errand days=best days // grapefruit obsession // christmas crafting
 best new christmas toy from pickup grandparents
day to day
christmas // read about it here and here

t minus 3 weeks until her first birthday.


  1. what a fantastic year for your cute family! i want those baby pants in every color.

  2. I agree with Chris ^. Such a good year for the Pickup family!